Healthcare Corner The Future of Self-cleaning Surfaces and Infection Control

In this episode the Healthcare Corner talks about biocidal surfaces and how we can actively use technology to reenter socially essential spaces. Joining us is Ken Trinder, CEO of ĒOS, and Jamie Miller, founder of Alfabet, as we discuss other aspects of infection control and prevention.

Ken Trinder, President and CEO of ĒOS.
A graduate of Franklin and Marshall College and Wake Forest School of Law, Mr. Trinder is a licensed attorney in Virginia and practiced law until 1998 when he purchased Trindco, a small countertop fabrication business in Suffolk, Virginia. Through acquisition and sales growth the company grew to sales of over $6 million by 2005. In 2005 Mr. Trinder sold Trindco and started ĒOS Surfaces, LLC. He believed that if a solid surface could be the same thickness as a slab of natural or engineered stone, then it would not need an edge build up or as much labor to create a finished countertop. The product he developed, ĒOS, was largely recognized as the most innovative product the industry has seen in several years and subsequently received the “Innovation Award” from his peers within the industry. Since the development of the initial product, ĒOS, the company has, under Mr. Trinder’s leadership, developed a “green” countertop, GĒOS, using recycled crushed glass and most recently ĒOScu, the first anti-microbial solid surface to receive EPA registration, thus allowing the company to make public health claims. He lives in Norfolk, Virginia, with his family.Jamie Miller, Founder of Alfabet
Jamie is an architect turned entrepreneur whose core values center around community, design, and health and wellness. He founded Union Cowork in 2012, a California brand that now has 7 locations throughout the state. With over 1,000 members from all over the world, Union is an established company within the new real estate typology of coworking. Jamie has built a number of other companies, including Alfabet Furniture, a business that provides contemporary solutions for office environments of all kinds. The company has now partnered with ĒOS Surfaces to offer self-sanitizing furniture and surfaces for application in a number of building use types. Although he grew up in Canada, Jamie currently lives with his son, Maxwell, and their dog, Lulu, in Southern California.

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