Healthcare Corner Hospice and Optimizing Quality of Life

Here on the Healthcare Corner up until now we have focused on proactive prevention and treatment of disease, but there comes a time when most chronic conditions reach a point when the quality of life really starts to decline. At that time in everyone's life, the best way to help is to minimize pain and suffering, maximize quality, and forgo trying to prolong life.   What we are talking about today is a benefit most of us have available, but few use to their advantage. Even those who eventually decide to accept the service usually get involved with hospice too late to really make a big difference in the quality of life that should be a part of the end of every life. Joining us today is Justine, a registered nurse, who has been a hospice nurse for many years.

Justine Shigley
Justine has been a hospice nurse for seven years. She decided to practice in hospice because she unfortunately lost a loved one tragically and quickly and never had that “goodbye” experience. Allowing patients not to suffer and enabling families to have the extra time and support is very near and dear to her heart. 

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